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Hi! If you're here, you need a proofreader!

That's right, you do.  You may not even realize it, but the fact that you're reading this tells me you at least THINK you do.  And you're probably right.  Well, lucky you!  That's what I do!

But DO I?

Now you may be thinking: do I really NEED a proofreader? The answer is (probably) yes. Why? There are several reasons to use an actual human as a proofreader rather than relying on technology alone!

  1. You don't check Google's autocorrect and apply it.

I see this all the time. Google's spell and grammar check is good, but people don't fully utilize it. So many mistakes could be fixed if people would just right click and use the correct spelling! 

2.  You DO use autocorrect, but it still makes mistakes.

As awesome as it is, autocorrect isn't perfect. A number of grammar mistakes can still slip past one!

3.  Your issue is more with formatting, which autocorrect doesn't fix.

Sometimes, you can come up with a whole list of rules or features for a site or project, but you have trouble organizing it in a coherent way. I can help with that!

4. Even if you KNOW you're right, a second pair of eyes can catch what you missed!

We all make mistakes that we just don't see, myself included. Having a second pair of eyes to read over what you wrote can be invaluable.

5. English isn't your first language.

Learning something new is never easy, and languages are especially hard. Using a proofreader can help you see the mistakes you're making, or just rephrase things to be more easily understood.

So what kinds of mistakes does autocorrect NOT catch?

One of the big ones is homonyms-words that sound alike but mean something different. Many basic spell checks only look at spelling, so if the word is NOT misspelled, it will get the OK and bam! Your grammar is wrong! Need an example?

There taking they're dog over their-correctly spelled, but obviously NOT right!

Your taking you're car tonight, right?-only if you're taking your car!

They also miss wrong words that are spelled correctly. In the sentence above, I mistyped "care" for "car". Autocorrect wouldn't notice!

Incorrect possessives are another big issue that gets overlooked far too often. Apostrophes are used incorrectly so frequently, it's somehow become acceptable.

How many apple's are you going to take?-I'll have two apples, please!

Hey that piece is Sams!-Don't worry, I'm just taking Sam's piece over to him!

And then there are commonly misused words. One of my personal favorites is "all intensive purposes." The phrase is actually "All intents and purposes." There are FAR too many to list here, but I'm sure you've seen them, even if you didn't realize it.  

SO! Want to hire me?  E-mail me, or use the contact form below. and I'll get to work.  Include your text as an attachment, or upload to the link in the reply e-mail. Half payment is expected once my estimate makes it to you, the other half is paid upon completion.  Payment details will be included in my e-mailed estimation.

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